Clube de Fado

Ideal Clube de Fado is a collective of artists dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the Fado Tradicional, the singular music genre that encapsulates the Portuguese soul.

Fado in Porto


There are many ways to sing the Fado, but among our artists we cultivate a passion for the origins of this song, which was included in UNESCO’s lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011.At Ideal Clube de Fado, we believe that each concert is a live act of creation, a unique experience that is renewed every day and drinks from the inexhaustible source of this strange way of life that is to be Portuguese. Our doors are open, and all are welcome.

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The art of Fado


Over the years, Fado has assimilated motifs and tropes from other musical traditions, branching in different genres and styles. Among them, Fado Tradicional remains faithful to the roots of this urban song, preserving the indelible mark of the travels of a people and the echoes of every culture they have came across. Defined by improvisation, this Fado is a cry of freedom, a musical invitation to contemplate existence, to sing our joy and sadness in a celebration of life.

Private Fado


A Fado concert in Porto just for you and your family and friends can be the ideal Fado experience. Therefore, we propose you to feel the emotion of true Fado art in special places in the city in exclusive concerts.

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